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8 Things To Remember Before Going on Ride In Rain Or Monsoon

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Monsoons are right around the corner now and it is time to prepare for it to ride in the rains. Many bikers prefer riding in the rains as it is a lot fun and the weather also is great. I myself am not much of a monsoon fan because the rains wet the roads and that gets dangerous. Winter is my season, but still I have to commute by my bike daily even in the road and so does many other people. So here is some small bike riding tips for you to bike ride in rain safely. Do note that these are just the basics and you will have to prepare a little extra depending upon your bike and the type of travel you plan to do.


  1. Use Proper Rain Gear: Without using proper rain gear, you are pretty much a sitting duck in the rain to get wet. And once that happens, I really don’t have to explain the uncomfortableness that comes with it. So it is better to take as many precautions as possible and make sure that you can stay as dry as possible. The great should be proper gloves, jacket and pants as well. Many riders skip on the pants and the wetness then travels from the pants to up and you eventually do end up getting wet anyways.
  1. Make Sure The Helmet Visor Is Clear: Helmets are the best to protect your head, but make sure that your helmet is a water resistant one. Also the visor of the helmet needs to be transparent and clear because rains make visibility a lot poor and for that reason if you have a dark visor you would not be able to see anything at all and that is dangerous for you as well as for the people around you. A visor change hardly costs 500-1000 bucks and it is worth it. You can always change back to your dark visor when the need arises.
  1. Use Boots and Not Slippers or Sandals: Even if you plan to travel a short distance, make sure to use boots as they cover your legs properly. Sandals and slippers are no use and the wetness will cause a lot of discomfort. Add to that if you need to balance your bike, boots offer a lot more grip and you can be sure your chances of slipping, even at low speeds are next to NIL. But the same cannot be guaranteed about sandals or slippers.
  1. Make Sure Your Bike’s Battery is Well Protected: If the bike’s battery or electronics are not protected properly, then the rain water, if it seeps in can cause short circuits and ruin the entire electronics package of the bike. So make sure the wires and connections are all proper and sealed up so that you can go long distances in the rain without worrying at all.
  1. Use Proper Wet Tyres: Tyres are very important when riding in the rain. If your tyres do not have enough grip; then on every single chance, they are going to slip big time. And when I say slip, I mean deadly slips. So it is always a good idea to get your tyres either checked or changed before monsoon begins. And if you could, then have an entirely separate monsoon tyres set to use and ride only in the monsoon. They might cost a little more, but eventually the value it offers and plus the lifesaving factor, it is totally worth it.
  1. Always Carry a Dry Towel: Dry towels or dry tissue, anything works, whichever way you prefer it. The reason being, things are going to get wet and you will have to dry them from time to time. That could include the bike’s seat, yourself and the helmet’s visor. So have some handy and that would help you a long way.
  1. Do Not Ride Fast: Riding in the rains and on dry roads is different. The kind of grip the road would offer on dry roads is totally different from the one as the wet. So riding fast like you do on dry roads is not at all recommended and more importantly it could be deadly for you as well. So stay in the recommended speeds and move safely knowing your bike’s limits.
  2. Keep Your Headlight On At All Times: moto-rain-tires-gear-patrol-full-leadVisibility for you is an issue in the rains, but it is also an issue to others as well. So to make sure that others too see you, it is a good idea to have your headlights turned on at all times. This way other people on the road will be able to see you and so you can travel safely without the botheration of anyone else dashing onto you because they could not see you in the rains.


So these are some small tips to consider for a safer ride in the rains. Keep these bike riding tips handy and the next time you go for a bike ride in rain, you will realize how safely you can bike ride in rain. Do share it with your biker friends and stay tuned to BikesnRiders for more such informative articles.

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