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10 Things To Carry And Do In Case Of Motorcycle Failure

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Bike failure is hell, and most importantly there is nothing much you can do about it. Now we have previously covered the ways a bike can fail, so we cannot really stop it, but take just mere precautions. But when all that fails, it really doesn’t hurt to be prepared for it by carrying some small things and tools with us to help in this case. So here I have enlisted some techniques to follow in case you encounter a bike failure.

Do note that I have mentioned quite some things to carry with you. I do understand the practical limitations of it which is why it is not always necessary to carry those things with you all the time. But in case of a long ride where you could be caught in the middle of nowhere, this does help.



  1. Tyre Repair Kit: One of the biggest causes of breakdowns anywhere is a puncture. Now riding in the city is not an issue as there is help available quite easily. It usually is also not an issue on the highways when riding between two well connected cities. But then when it comes to getting lost in the wilderness, it helps to have a repair kit handy. You could get one of those tubeless tyres repair kits available online, but make sure the strips are not too old as they become hard and inefficient. Also companies like Motul do have tyre repair units as well which seals the tyres from the inside using sealants and fills up air as well.

  1. Air Compressor: If you do not have a tyre repair kit or do, still your bike is going to need air in its tyres. So an air compressor is of great help here since it can fill you up absolutely anywhere. Just make sure that your bike has an electrical outlet to run the compressor if it a motor unit. Else the manual thing works too, just that it is a lot time consuming and hectic on your body as well; just a heads up!

    1. Extra Bungee Cords: You will be carrying bungee cords to tie up your luggage, but it never hurts to have some extra with you in case of emergencies. It can help tie things up or even help with pulling or carrying stuff, even your bike for that matter if you are stuck in a ditch.


  1. Spare Spark Plugs: Not really sure that you might need it, but you may never be sure about it. Plus they are really small and can fit in any corner of your luggage. So it is not much of a pain to have them around you.

  1. Chain Repair Kit: It is mandatory to clean and lube your chain every 400-500 kms if you have an open chain unit. But even with all that anything could cause your chain to break, and when it does, it is not easy to fix it yourself. But then it never hurts to have a repair kit along with you. It contains some spare linkages and some tools to help fix the chain back up on your bike and ride away again. Also make sure to at least carry a can of lube along to keep it lubed up to reduce the stress off the chain and the ride goes on smoothly.

  1. Spare Fuses & Cables: Accelerator cables and brake cables are a real pain when they break. It is no way that you are moving forward without it. So the best way is to carry some spare cables for it. They do not cost a lot and fitting them on is also not much trouble. So you can get yourself trained from a local mechanic as well to fix it in a matter of some minutes. Fuses though are a little complicated, so it is better to get it done from a trained person in case you are not capable of it.


  1. Jump Cables: If your battery goes dead, then you are pretty much screwed in case you do not have a kick start. But then again keeping jump cables on hand can also help you out by jumping your battery off someone else’s and getting your bike started. But just hope that there are others around for help.


  1. Brake Fluid & Pads: Braking is very important for your bikes and if it fails, then it can turn really deadly for you, even fatal at times. So the best way to counter it is to have them checked every time before starting itself. And yes, having brake fluid and extra brake pads handy does help if you burn out of them pretty quickly.

  1. Zip-ties: They are helpful for many small-small tasks like tying up broken parts until you reach a repair center or keeping cables and wires intact. Do note that zip-ties come in various sizes, so it is a good idea to have some in all sizes.

  1. Engine Oil and Accessories: Engine oil leakage can lead to engine seizures and that is really rough for both you and the bike. In case you happen to be facing an issue like that on the go, it is really hard to counter it and trust me, just taping the leak shut or using something like m-seal or other sealants don’t work. The best way is to get it fixed always and for that the repair kit is always handy. All you need is a spare drain oil cap since that is the place from where the oil leaks most of the times. Also you will need an oil filter handy and also the engine oil you use to refill.

These are just some handy things you can carry around to counter any issues you might encounter. Also a good tool kit helps, but then most importantly a positive “will” is going to let you off the hook.

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