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Importance Of Various LED Lights In Motorcycle

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Our bikes are equipped with a lot of lights, more than we can remember at any given point of time. Earlier they used to be simple bulbs, but today they are replaced by LEDs. Now LEDs are great because they are brighter, last longer and are power efficient. Though they do cost a bit more in the beginning, but in time they make up for it and then some which makes them an ideal choice for all the lights in the motorcycles. So we are today going to check out all the motorcycle LED lights that there are in a bike and their importance along with any advantages or disadvantages if there are any.


  1. LED Headlights For Bikes: Bikes even today still come with regular bulbs or projector headlamps. LED technology has reached cars but it has not yet dripped down to bikes. Though one day it will arrive and it will be EPIC. Still many of the pilot lamps used in bikes today are LEDs though and also some LED units are available as aftermarket fittings in white or bluish or greenish or whatever shade you want them in. We would not really recommend anything else other than white and yellow though and there is a good reason for it.

         Also the problem with LED headlamps is they are bright and can blind the oncoming traffic if they are not directed properly. For the same reason even if you are using LEDs are auxiliary headlamps or something like that, always make sure to use them responsibly and not rashly. If in the city, it would be a good idea to stick to your stock lights, but on the highway or a multi-lane road which has a divider in between, now that is somewhere you can use LEDs headlights.

  1. Tail LED Lights: Tail lights have gone the LED way and that is awesome because now they are brighter and last much longer which means even in broad daylight, the car or bike behind you can easily see the tail lamp easily and not come and dash into you. Also they last very much longer than ordinary bulbs and also are more resistant to water to even during rains the chances of LEDs faltering is very less.


  1. Fog Lights: This is especially helpful for tourers who are planning to go for night rides. It helps illuminate the road well and also not cause any over-burdening on the battery. But the problem is, they are really bright and hence it can easily blind anyone coming from the opposite end, so riders have to be extra careful about that.


  1. Indicators: Indicators were like the first things in a bike to go the LED way. There always would be a problem with then because the bulbs would easily fuse off or go bad and also the size of the indicators was an issue due to the big bulbs. Now with LED, the indicators are brighter than before and also slimmer and sleeker in design allowing for an overall better visual vibe from the bike.


  1. Hazard Lights: Indicators double up as hazard lights with a little tinkering with the wiring overall. But that does not cause any issues to the bike and the battery as such. Hazard lights are useful in times when you are stuck on the road or have some issues and wish to ward the traffic off of you. The earlier bulbs were not as capable, but now with LEDs it is all possible.


  1. Dashboard: This is by far the best use of LEDs, to illuminate the dashboard or cockpit or whatever you wish to call the information display dials on the motorcycle. With more bikes going the digital meter way the illumination has gone from regular lights to LEDs. This has made it brighter and easier for the rider to check out the display even in the brightest of sunlight.


So all in all, this is how the LEDs are used in motorcycles. Technology has come a long way and many others have arrived and gone, but one can be sure that motorcycle led lights technology is definitely here to stay. The advantages are aplenty with low power consumption, high power output and longer life as well along with sturdiness which was all missing from the previous bulbs that were being used. Also the ability to fit in compact spaces also helps. Just that when used in a cluster, one has to be careful about them because the very bright light can blind the oncoming traffic, hence directional LEDs is always a better idea to go with.

So remember that next time you might be planning for your bike’s headlight or any light assembly overhaul, always go for and prefer going for LEDs only as they will save a lot of your money in due time. There is a reason why even manufacturers have gone to using LEDs in bikes and so there has to be a very good reason why.

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