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7 Ways To Protect from Motorcycle Theft While Travelling

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When going on a long ride or touring, keeping your motorcycle safe during the night time or at times of halts is very important. When at home you do not worry about it since there is adequate security and also proper parking places. But when going to unknown places all alone or in a small group, taking care of the bike’s safety is of utmost importance. No matter what kind of motorcycle lock you have on your bike, at the end the thieves always happen to have a last laugh. But now we have a chance to give them back the same. Hence here are some bike security system tips to keep your bike safe when travelling.


  1. Be Inconspicuous: This is the most important one of all. We have a cool bike and we are proud of it and we agree. But the same thing which makes the bike cool is also what makes it eye candy for robbers. So the best way to keep your bike safe is to have a pretty low profile around and make sure your bike is inconspicuous. If you can pull that off, we can pretty much guarantee the safety of your bike because it would simply not come in anyone’s notice. Also having generic colors on your bike helps. Though unique colors are easy to spot and yes, they can be found as equally easily, but then why take the risk.


  1. Have Multiple Locks: The manufacturer provides the ignition lock but we know how adequate that is. The handle lock is also something which is there, but then a couple of good kicks on the handle can render that broken as well pretty easily. So then what is the solution for that? Have more than one lock in place like a disc lock or a faux kill switch or something that would give the thieves a lot more trouble than they would have had expected and then even they run out of patience and decide to give up.


  1. Alarm System: If cars can have alarms, why not bikes? Mahindra has taken some steps into it by providing an alarm system on their scooters and bikes, but when we have a bike that costs pretty much twice of that, then it only makes sense to have such a system on out bike too. There are many aftermarket fits available that you can fit on your bike including ones with different noises. Remember, many times people have become accustomed to ignoring regular noises due to accidental triggering of the alarm. So make sure to select the one with the most unique voice and something that would actually cause the people around the bike to panic as to what is happening.


  1. Lock The Bike To A Static Object: Just because your bike has over 10 locks does not always been it is non-stealable. A smart one that is damn adamant on taking your bike away from simply pick it up and load it on a pick up and be gone by the time you even realize what has happened. And once he is out of harm’s way, then he has his own sweet time breaking down on cutting on every lock that you have put on the bike. The solution here is to simply tie your bike up by a chain to a static object which you know is not going anywhere like a light pole or a building pipe or a rock or your friend’s bike or anything similar which is never moving from there unless you want it to move. This way the robbers can surely never take away your bike.


  1. Cover It: Keeping your bike hidden in plain sight is a better protection than all alarms put together. So the best way is to simply keep the bike covered under some other bike’s cover. Like for example if you have a KTM Duke, keep it covered under a Hero Splendor cover so that the robbers who might be getting any ideas will simply chose to ignore the bike under the cover altogether. Also a small failsafe does help by keeping an empty glass bottle under the cover which only you know where it is so that when the robber tried to peek through the cover, the bottle will fall and break causing a loud noise that will get the attention of people towards the bike.


  1. Have An Additional Kill Switch: I have mentioned a faux kill switch before in the article. That is actually the kill switch which is needed to complete the connection to get the bike started, without it the bike would never start. So even if it means a little additional effort for you to get the bike started, at least you know how it will start which is something the robber will not know and hence will give up on stealing your bike.


  1. Get GPS Tracking With Live Feed: This is actually the most efficient method but is still new technology here and does cost quite the bomb. But if you have a proper GPS unit on your bike, then you can keep track of your bike at all times with the touch of a button on your smartphones and also put up an SOS signal if you find the bike stolen or anything like that and the cops can easily track the GPS location from the bike. But as mentioned before, it is quite a costly system to have and also it is only working until the battery on the thing has juice in it. Once it runs out, then it is pretty much game over.


So these are the 7 methods by which you can keep your bike safe when travelling. Do comment below and let us know any other methods that you follow or experiences that you have faced regarding this. Also do share it with your friends who are planning a long trip soon and you also make sure to keep your bike safe and protected at all times.

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