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6 Things To Take Care While Choosing Lower CC & Higher CC Motorcycles

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Almost every individual loves bikes and loves riding them. But most of the times, due to some condition or the other, we are not able to buy the bike of our dreams and so we settle for something that is suitable for us. But ultimately, whichever bikes we are using, there comes some associated things that need to be taken care of for them and these costs then differ on the bikes and their engine capacities and so on. So here we have compiled a list for you for the things to take care of when using bikes, of all capacities.

Choosing Lower CC & Higher CC Motorcycles

Guide to Buying and Usage:

The thing about choosing a bike you want to ride also depends on the kind of use the bike is going to be put to. For example if you want a bike specifically for long highways hauls, you might want something like a cruiser for comfort and the optimum engine capacity for good speeds as well. But if you only plan to ride within the city, then a simple commuter works best because then you don’t have to spend huge on fuel bills and can easily navigate traffic too.

Maintenance Cost:

Higher the CC of the bikes, the more is going to be the maintenance cost. Low CC commuters are actually practical bikes. The engine is not under much stress thus making them pretty much low maintenance bikes. But the higher CC bikes are running engines under very high stress and so it pretty much needs to be perfect else it will cause a disaster in mid-running. So overall the expenditure on the maintenance also increases since the spares of these bikes are also pretty expensive.

Safety Standard:

Safety while riding is always important in terms of gears used. But then with lower capacity bikes you could maybe skip the riding jackets and pants and shoes to regular ones since you do not travel much fast on them. But with higher capacity bikes, the care needed is more since you travel faster and hence the chances of mishaps are also more including higher amount of damage to you.

Riding Style:

Choosing a bike and caring for it also depends a lot on your riding style. We have previously covered an article on the riding styles which you should check out to get more understanding on this topic. But then according to how you ride is also dependent on how much you will have to care for your bike. If you ride your bike rashly with hard acceleration and braking and unnecessary revving, it is going to cost you a lot on busted clutch plates and brake pads and accelerator cables. Not to mention your tyres. But on the other hand if you are calm and composed when riding and treat your bike with respect, then the same costs will be less and hence you can enjoy your bike a lot better. But for smaller CC bikes, they anyways do not go much fast so caring for them is really very simple in this case.

Monthly Fuel Bills:

This is the reason why heavy commuters are asked to use high mileage bikes, because the fuel bills are always a worry. You need to travel long distances, then spending huge amounts on fuel doesn’t really make sense. So the best way is to simply get commuter bikes for it. But if you wish to go for higher CC bikes, do know that fuel bills are directly proportional to the engine capacity of the bike. Make a note of this when deciding on the bike. This is the reason why 150-200CC range is kind of the sweet spot as it allows you to go fast enough as well as return a decent level of fuel economy.

Being Smart, Not Crazy:

This has been mentioned because many people actually skimp out a lot on maintenance, care and servicing of the bikes and at the end have to pay up a huge premium altogether. This is not the way to go. Also when riding bikes, some people ride bikes like maniacs just because they can, but this is not how you should do it. It is dangerous! Always take proper precautions and when using your bikes, it is important to know the proper limits of your bikes so that you do not make mistakes and end up making a huge blunder.

So remember the tips provided to you above when using your bikes. If you have litre class bikes, you need to take more care of your bikes, but still that does not mean you only keep your bikes in the garage itself and only take it out during IBW. That is not how it should go. And those who have the travel bug to see places on their bikes and yet do not have any sports bikes, still you do not have to worry about it because just having a big bike doesn’t mean you are a biker. It is a feeling in your blood and not only in your bike. So use your gears and always ride safe.

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